Monday, 30 June 2008

Oh where in the world is my world wide web?

Still no internet at Harlot Heights. I languished for the ether all weekend, forced to read things on paper, with no links, and write things on paper, with no links, and see Kung-Fu Panda, down the flicks, with no links. Late yesterday afternoon someone knocked on my door. It was a man selling karate lessons. Faint with lack of html and inspired by the kung-fu panda, I signed up. For karate lessons. Which start tomorrow evening. And so I must go home, where there is no internet, and mend my tracksuit pants so they are bright and shiny for karate lesson numero uno.


Mr Mean said...

Luckily, the way of the empty hand requires no Internet connection.

How did the lesson go? Did you enjoy yourself?

Maria said...

He knocked?

He didn't kung fu kick your door down?

That's a bad sign already.

But yes, how did they go?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

The good news is, I live to tell the tale; the bad news is, there's not much of a tale to tell. No likelihood of my tossing a kick over my shoulder any time soon.

Mr Mean said...

Which style of karate (eg. goju-ryu, shotokan) are you being taught?