Friday, 24 September 2010

Nyah, nyah, Summer

The Bureau of Meteorology (and what a fine bureau it is) predicted a sweltering top of 21ºC for Melburnium today. This 21º peak would have been the Bourne's first encounter since the 10th of May with the far side of 20º. I will confirm everything you ever thought about me (i.e., nerd! number obsessive! weather-zoid!) when I tell you that I have been keeping a hawkly climatographic eye on these statistics, and quietly rejoicing in Melbourne's 136 consecutive days of under-20º-ness. And I'll confirm it all over again by waxing ecstatical at today's triumph over the Bureau's haruspications, a triumph which tips 136 consecutive days below 20 to 137 days below 20. Nice work, Smelbourne.

NEWS FLASH! Two days later now and it's 20.2 degrees in the City of Melba! Winter is offishly over.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

You can say that again

There are two kinds of tautologies: rhetorical tautologies, which are tautologies in rhetoric, and logical tautologies, which are tautologies in logic.