Monday, 16 June 2008

Hemi-Auto-Antonym of the Day

Your essay is outstanding.

So please submit it now.


TimT said...

That's a hemi-auto-antonym to have them semi-quavering, all right.

eyrie said...

I really admire the people who submit at the -35% or more mark. They must really be studying for the sheer love of learning.

trixie said...

Those folks who do submit at the -35% mark are the ones who have been waiting for the 'your essay is outstanding' call for weeks, methinks.

in the same vein (vain), i'm also often tempted to write 'this essay is an exceptional piece of work.'

eyrie said...

On second thoughts, it's probably best they don't know that their work is outstanding or exceptional. Otherwise they may decide to become journalists and write op-eds like this.

Maria said...

Or they may decide to become journalists like Samantha Brett, and then use such fame to become public speakers, radio personalities and so on.

I just came across Sam's website and I found it, as she would say "hilarious".

Anyone who has come across Sam's blog from the SMH would know that Sam is a young blonde wannabe journo who has a talent for self-marketing, and has published two books, one a compilation of comments from her SMH blogs and the other ... well I'm not exactly which bit counted as writing.

The blog is usually a rehash of old dating topics, over and over, with very little analysis and not much originality of expression.

It was thus amusing to read things on her personal blog such as "Samantha has showcased her poise and quick wit in numerous public speaking engagements. Her natural ability to hold a crowd’s attention …"

when I have read so many comments about her quoting her as they would "Bushisms".

Sam seems like a nice and opportunistic lass, but I think the attempt to sell herself as a quick wit, rather than a "I try to giggle/smile and be friendly and amiable in order to network" type is a bit deceiving, unless she's changed greatly since I last saw and read her.

eyrie said...

I can't read those smhage lifestyle blogs because I don't like to be reminded of how awful and shallow some people can be quite so relentlessly.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I like Dylan Thomas. I like him pots and pots.

eyrie said...

So do I, Alexis.

The Thomas movies do look awful though. One of them even has Keira Knightley singing. And there's going to be a flick of King Lear with Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow (which is surprising since one of them will presumably have to be Goneril or Regan).