Tuesday, 10 June 2008

If you're not as excited about my flat renovation as I am, do not read on

I just got a phone call from the Alphington Joinery and this is what the Alphington Joiner said, "Alexis, your window frames are ready."

(To fill you in, those of you who missed the preceding chapters to this merry tale: I bought a second-storey spinster pad, cheap as chips [approx. 30,000 kilos of chips, the majority of which technically still belongs to el Banko], and my second-storey spinster pad was benighted with rotten window frames. Rotten in the "if you'd like a toothpick, just peal one off the window" sense of rotten. Also in the "look at the interesting orange fungus previously only sighted in the densest woodlands of Bolivia" sense of rotten. So I got this joiner to swing by and tell me how much for Brand Spanking New Unrotten Window Frames, and he quoted a figure which four years ago was a quarter of my annual income, and I said "Bally ho!" and here we are today.)

The Alphington joiner is going to drop my Brand Spanking etc. round on Thursday arvo and carry them up into my flat, I'll paint them over the weekend, the scaffolding will arrive next week, the Alphington Joiner will install the windows into the wall, the glazier will glaze, and Bob mine uncle shall be. This is excellent. This has made my day (though, of course, thanks must also go to the earth, for its ongoing dedication to rotating in relation to the sun).


Anonymous said...

It's not that we're not excited. It's just that Dragon Green isn't the green we thought it would be.

BTW, that would be "peel one off the window". The baronetcy could use a dictionary, methinks. (Why do I keep thinking "Lexington Harlot" after reading this blog entry?).

TimT said...

Peal is an apeeling flaw. Or should that be floor?

I think we've been over this befour.

eyrie said...

They are musical rotten window frames and make a melodious sound when you peel off their flakes. That's the apealing flaw.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I love it when I misspell in public. Particularly two days after making snide comments about my student's role/roll confusion.

eyrie said...

I find that homonym/homophone confusion is one of the most poetic confusions.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Bless you, Airy.