Tuesday, 12 December 2006


N.B.: I am still wearing my jeans. Today is the tenth consecutive day of continuous unwashed jean wearing.


TimT said...

I am very proud of you. If you keep this up for much longer, you might even find that the jeans and your skin merge, and you will become a new entity, a gestalt, if you will: Trousseaux Sapiens.

alexis said...

Hey, thanks. You're the only person so far in my cheer squad. The housemates are yet to comment. I reckon I can go another couple of days, at least.

splatri said...

three cheers for this further contribution to the breakdown of the human subject. when jeans become human(e) and humans become jeans. i name you cyborg harlot de nimes. please come and join me on myspace. you know you want to.

alexis said...

Merci beaucoup, ma cheri. I reckon I'll officially make the cyborg grade if I manage to wear my (quite malodorous) de nimes to the Event that Shall Not be Named on thursday night.

Ok, now about this myspace lark: I don't know if my procrastination resistance levels can cope with me having TWO blogs, but I herewith plonk your link on the side of my page and will visit regularly and vigorously.

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