Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Electric Light Orchestra

Some call it vulgar (here's looking at you, Leo Schofield). Others say it's the reason for Our Leader's reticence to get Australia down and compliant with the Kyoto Protocol. But out in deepest, darkest suburbia, Totally Innocent Christmas Electro-Kitsch is, unashamedly, all the go.

Flaming plum pudding aside, the Parents declined to mark D25 with any unwonted act of illumination. As the better part of their street was festooned from letterbox to gabletop with glowing reindeer, though, we got our fair share of the Christ-vegas experience. Thank G*d.

Starlight twinkling over the peaceful boulevardes of Parentville:

This is why they tell us that Santa is an anagram for Satan:

And here I start fantasising about redecorating my entire house thus:

In fact, why stop with my house? I propose an action group for the complete refurbishment of Sydney's streetscapes. So many lamp-posts, so few glowing reindeer.