Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Philately will get you nowhere everywhere

I bought some stamps yesterday, on accounta having a letter to post, and lo!

Barack Obama's face may be heading straight for the next run of quarters, but it's rightly yon glorious beagle who rides the envelopes. Australia Post, epistolary pro-dog-propagandists par excellence.


JahTeh said...

I bought a book of stamps last week and didn't even look at them. I hope I have Beagles, the last lot had revving cars.

Ampersand Duck said...

I splurged on a BOX of stamps the other day and asked for choices, since my last box was mind-numbingly awful (some sporty melbourne event in ppink and blue). I was offered a choice of stylised Trucks and other Large Veehickles or a Quarantine stamp of a beagle sniffing a pineapple.

Beagles, pineapples, every day. I chose it.

mischa said...

the recent caravanning through history series was the best stamp series i've seen in a long time.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I enjoyed the Charles and Di marital commemorative stamps, released in 1981, and there was a very good series of Australian fungi around the same time, but beagles, people! Beagles!

Lefty E said...

Pers*onally, Mrs* E and I rather enjoyed Her Majes*ty's 1954 tour commemorative gala s*tamp s*eries*.

Als*o, s*ome lovely Alan S*eale thrips* and aphids* limited releas*e s*ets*, c*irca 197*6*.

[* = sybillant whistle, for full audio effect].

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

The sibilant whistle's very impressive. I wonder if the post would consider a run of Great Sibilant Whistlers stamps?

N.B. Philately must be one of the silliest words in the English lexicon. What's wrong with plain old "stamp collecting"?

Lefty E said...

S*illy me, s*eems I mis*s*pelt S*ibilant.

Gardener Alan Seale (you may be too young) was KING of the sibwhistle - though that lovely old bloke who reviewed films for the ABC (John something) was a top shelf whistler when in form.

Philately , Numismatics - all weird Latinate words. You wouldn't see some old 6th Saxon pig farmer saying that (hang on, Im sounding like Melvyn Bragg - shoot me)

Maria said...

I was just reading Atwood's "THe Edible Woman".

I like the bit when Marian has just got engaged and her married friend is telling her she'll find all sorts of things about her fiance now, just as she did about her husband.

Like what, asks Marian.

Her friend says that before their marriage, she didn't know Joe was a philatelist.

Marian isn't sure what philately is but thinks it "sounds perverted."

You're right ... does sound a rather silly word, hmmm ...

I remember a friend of mine wanted to collect some certain types of stamps. I found I had some lying about. I sent them to her. Think I wasted another stamp in the process.