Wednesday, 23 July 2008

From the wall of the cubicle of the downstairs gels' bogs at work, a conversation

"God is dead." - Niche

"Niche is dead." - God

Who the hell is Niche?



If you say that God is dead then you have to believe in God. God is immortal, so if you believe in God then you have to believe that God can't be dead.

It's a metaphor, dummy!


Martin Kingsley said...

Ahh, semantics.

lucy tartan said...

If god has recently exposed his nethers to the arctic breezes in the womens toilets it's no wonder he's feeling a bit peaky. I'm not sure what's up with Niche though.

Lefty E said...

Well, Niche might need to broaden his horizons.

Actually, no.... But now I think on it, 'Niche Markitt' is an excellent name for the Commerce Postdoc in the racy academic tell all novel I'm writing.

And before you condemn that out of hand, its either that or 'Titz Ahoy'; junior lecturer in Sino-Soviet Studies.

Hmmm....too James Bond?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Racy academic tell-all novel! Just my cup of tea. Though Coetzee has kinda taken the puff out of the campus novel's balloon.

Niche was gnawed to death by his own moustache. Contradict me if you dare!

Lefty E said...

Well, I for one wouldnt dare.

I was thinking more David Lodge than Coetzee - but with extra saucy and racy bits.

Sadly, my campus (at one of Victoria's *premier* lesser universities) is so utterly boring I'm struggling for inspiration. Students have Tofu rather than Toga parties. And the thought of my colleagues having affairs with one another is frankly, well, tasteless and vaguely nauseating.

Ampersand Duck said...

Less macho than 'Bull Markitt' :)

Sounds like more of a conversion than a conversation...

TimT said...

Niche literature?

Have a niche day.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I have tofu parties. Whaddayamean, implying that they're less saucy than toga parties? Tofu, Lefty, tofu. Bean curd: so adaptable. It even sizzles if you put it in hot oil.

Lefty E said...

Ok, world's first vegetarian campus sex romp expose coming soon! Starring the saucy Dr Tempeh McVeigh and hot oily hunk Associate Professor Soy.

TimT said...

I just noticed a bookstore in Smith Street has an entire section devoted to 'PHILOSPHY'. Maybe you can find the entire works of Niche there.

It's always best to take a philosphical approach to life, after all.