Friday, 28 December 2007

Wilbur Harlot's Guide to Digestion with Dignity


Martin Kingsley said...

Something witty this way, wait, it has been defeated by the riotous cuteness, and will never again raise its little head above the barricade! Alas!

nailpolishblues said...

Um, did he ever walk again? Or even stand?

Love the quilt, btw.

TimT said...

Zut alors! Madamoiselle 'Arlot, I would like to supplicate, request and - 'ow you say, ask if zis 'ere English Beagle of yours, 'e would like to become a dog-model for ze latest book from the studios of Jacques Derriere, ze exclusive French publisher known all over ze world, (and also in other places)?

Ze book in question is titled La Canine Culinaire, or, in ze vulgar Saxon tongue, Ze Culinary Canine. It aims to present ze fetching images of ze canine before, during, and after ze canine indulges in ze art of canine digestion.

Zis English Beagle of yours would make a marvellous model for ze later pages of our 'umble publication. 'E is, simply put, sublime - one of a kind.

We would, of course, be willing to pay you and ze client in kind - with several thousand Euros, and/or a lifetime's supply of canine biscuits.

We look forward to 'earing back from you, or ze English Beagle. Merci beacoup.

JahTeh said...

I would like to see a mathematical equation regarding length of legs in relation to stomach ground clearance.

I'm with Nails, love the quilt.

alexis said...

It's a very nice quilt, me mum's. Possibly (dare I speak such blasphemies?) too nice to be adorned with a sleeping beagle. He didn't ask anyone's permission before installing himself to sleep off Christmas, and none of us had the heart to relocate him.

The vacillations of the beagular belly are a wonder to behold. He eats most things - crumbs, compost, wombat dung - and goes into ecstasies when the sisters' young 'uns are about, because of the way they get food from tables to dog height.

alexis said...

Jacques Derriere, y'say? Author of Deconstructing the Binarised Bottom?

Wilbur would be undoubtedly delighted, but you'd be hard pressed to catch him before the canine ingestion.

Martin Kingsley said...

'vacillations of the beagular belly' is my new, and newly favourite, sequence of word-type thingies.

That is all. Move along, nothing to see here.

alexis said...

At your service!