Friday, 7 December 2007

The Aged P.

In honour of the Pa's birthday (yesterday), here's a ditty selected at random from his repertoire of Quotations for All Occasions:

Up on the mountain
Green grows the grass.
Down came a billygoat
Sliding on his - overcoat.

(Best served aloud, in the presence of eight-year-olds.)


Martin Kingsley said...

Gosh, birthdays all over the place for you, innit? Belated Happy Birthday, father-of-internet-enabled-Dokter!

alexis said...

Though the Aged P is reasonably internet-enabled himself, I'll say thanks on your behalf, M. le Kingsley. Next birthday on the rank: Jesus'.

Martin Kingsley said...

Actually, mine, this 12th. I beat Jesus to the punch by a good couple of weeks! Ha, teach 'im to go around being nice to people and being nailed to bits of wood on the behalf of an entire religious sect.

JahTeh said...

My father also had quite the grab bag of ditties for children.
"Mary had a little lamb,
It used to top the class,
The teacher didn't like it
And kicked it up the ....."

It was my party piece and I excelled.

alexis said...

Nice work, Jahteh. I can't compete, except to add another of me Dad's:

I chased a bug around a hill.
I'll get his blood; he knows I will.

There's all sorts of fantastically rude words in there (like "bugger" and "bloody") if you say it quick enuff.

alexis said...

Happy impending birthday, Mr Kingsley. It's just like Jesus to let you have yours first.

Maria said...

Me aunt and cousin both have birthdays on the 25th.

It's also just like Jesus to share.

Mitzi G Burger said...

My best friend, the soon to be "Dr" Adrian Jones, is enbirthdayed today - this very hold day of the rebirth of the Kinglsey. And my first love, the curliest haired Jewish princess of Dover Heights, was enbirthdayed yesterday. My sister's anniversaire we toast on the 16th - so our cheek-turning Rabbi from Gallillee will just have to wait his turn.
Dr Lexicon, for AJ's rebirth I melted together a fabulous recipe called Chocolate Tart. It's not vegan, but it's easily the cocoaest way to treat loved ones. When you're next in town - save some room for a sliver.

alexis said...

This is important news, Mitzi G. The birthday of Mr Adrian Jones must not go unremarked.

Your allusion to chocolate tart reminds me of our panneforte production line in a month rather like this one, back in Chateau d'Albert times. Them's were the days.