Saturday, 1 December 2007

In my marrow

Summer tiiiimmmmme, and the livin' is queazy, partly because I just bought a kilo of marrows for fifty cents down the Thornbury Veg Emporium and now I gotta eat 'em. While I was there I acquired my first ever witlof, a little leafy number shaped like a tulip. Depending how it responds to sesame seed oil, I'm thinking Witlof could be the name for my first born.


Martin Kingsley said...

In my limited experience, witlof is one heck of a bitter salad green. Apparently the Dutch are quite fond of it; how they cook it, if indeed they do actually consume it (rather than, say, use it to waterproof roofing, a task that appears to be its natural destiny) is a fact I am not currently retaining in short-term memory.

Michelle said...

Having a mother who was born in Amsterdam, I can confidently say that witlof is friendliest when served hot with cheese melted over the top.

blue_haired_jennifer said...

Witlof sounds like an Eastern European signing off on the end of a letter.


alexis said...

Witlof also to you, Jennifer Blue Hair.

MK and Michelle, thanks for these words of warning. The witlof is still in my veg crisper. All my attentions have been consumed in consuming the marrows, which aren't so bad, actually, esp. hashed with loads of garlic and basil and pepper. Could try the same for the witlof.