Friday, 23 November 2007

Vote the B*****ds Out

Choral activism.


Maria said...

Vote the Bastards in,
Vote the Bastards out,
Vote the Bastards in,
And shake them all about,
Do the votey-votey
And turn it around
That's what it's all about!

TimT said...

Not to mention Moral Lactivism, Coracle Activism, Laurel Activism, Floral activism, Oral Atavism, and horal slacktivism, squirrel reactionism, and chloral action.

And here! It's a choral quarrel!

prude said...

Bloodhounds, Blonds, Billboards, Boofheads, Boneheads, Buzzards?

I guess it do not make a big difference what you is trying to say.

I is voting 1 the Prude Activism Party! (PAP) Well I would. I think it will be running next time.

TimT said...

I hope PAP doesn't run any smear campaigns, prude. Because then they would be...

alexis said...

Maria, I dunno if that's meant to be incisive political commentary, but from where I'm standing, it more or less sums up the state of play ... mind you, there are degrees of bastardliness, and I'd prefer the lesser bastards to the greater (unless it's true, what the Spartacists will tell you, that the immiseration of the proletariat hastens the revolution [although I've gone all Fabian and gradual-changey in my old age, so instantaneous revolution's not really on my Christmas list anymore]).

alexis said...

T: ha! I can't compete, though I'll throw oral didacticism into the pot.

prude said...

Hmmm TimT. Very probing comment but I has not got back with the assessment yet of PAP.