Thursday, 1 November 2007

Sources of Inordinate Joy

Source of Inordinate Joy #1
The sound of a New Zealandese waiter farewelling her colleagues at Soul Food: "Will, I'm off, so hev a nice shuft and shut."

Source of Inordinate Joy #2
The listing of "louche" directly after "lotus-eater" in the Oxford English Dictionary.


Penelope said...

#3 The first mango of the season, selfishly savoured, soley by one's self, listening to the pitter-patter of much needed precipitation hit the parched earth.

Mitzi G Burger said...

#4 Friday morning muffins at work: dark chocolate and raspberry; munched while taking minutes and pleasantly bantering amongst very fashionably dressed colleagues.

alexis said...

But where did the mango?

TimT said...

To the quango?

TimT said...

Or Lake Mungo?

Penelope said...

Where did the mango?