Friday, 9 November 2007

Free the Radicals

I drank some apple juice yesterday, the label on side of bottle of which informed me that I had consumed three times 200% of my Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin C. Then I ate 5 peaches over an eight hour period.

Take that, scurvy.


Martin Kingsley said...

I have absolutely nothing amusing to say about this, at all.

In fact, inspired by this, I am busy making a mango salsa for tonight (no joke, I think it'll turn out well).

Soyo-Soyo said...

This cake is "shittori" with soft and comfortable wetness.

Penelope said...

Anti-scorbutic behaviours all-round! Good to know that, were you to have been exposed to heavy metal poisoning without your knowledge, the Vit C would have bonded to said metallic intruders and carried 'em off the premises.

alexis said...

I ain't giving you much to work with, MK.

Soyo-soyo, I'm assuming you're some sort of relative of mine, but I can't tell if you're a sister or a sister's chap. More power to your Japanoiserie, anywa.

Penelope, bless you and your healering ways.

Martin Kingsley said...

I'm voting for Soyo-Soyo as some kind of spam-bot. If not, then they should immediately run along and apply to hold such a position.

Either way, I preferred the World of Warcraft chaps.

alexis said...

No, no, Martin. It's almost certain that soyo-soyo is a member of my sister's menagerie, if not my sister 'erself.

Martin Kingsley said...

Ah, a fool is me. I see the sample-under-discussion was pinched from

Silly me. Google is my friend, and I should embrace it more often.