Friday, 16 November 2007

The No. 1 Getting-Up-My-Goatical Rhetorical Manoeuvre This Election Season

If I see or hear the expression "Make no mistake" one more time this election - especially if it comes out of the mouths of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, who insist on enspamulating mine inbox with premasticated policy tripe, and deserve an honorary mention for inventive use of the word, "swindle", as in "the 'climate change' swindle run by the British financial oligarchy and supported by our complicit mainstream media" (pardon? did someone mention olive-garchies?) - I will - I will do something drastic - like phone up the Amsterdam Hilton and ask if they'll provide the venue and the chocolate for a week-long bed-in.


Martin Kingsley said...

Well, after all, we do make so many mistakes, poor little sheeple that we are...Gosh, what would we do without the kind, guiding hands of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, bless their little cotton socks? I'd be amazed if any of us could even get out of our beds in the morning without fatally injuring ourselves, such is the terminal level of our bucolic stupidity.

Thank (insert deity [or properly appointed representative of such] of choice here) for the CECoA, eh?

alexis said...

Sheeple! Sheeple! That be an awfully cute word.

Maria said...

I saw the CEC on mine ballot form and hadn't heard a peep out o' them the whole campaign. The people who've been lambasting me are Family First. Which is the better/worst of the two evils. d'ya think?