Tuesday, 2 October 2007

On Being Accosted by a Person of Voting Age in the Corridor at My Place of Employment

"Miss! Miss!"

Eyebrow inches up forehead.


Eyebrow does the highland fling.


emmy said...

Time for the moustache.

alexis said...

Ha! I'm thinking of growing one of those little tufts on my upper chin, actually. That should do the trick.

By the way - and this is completely the wrong forum - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I've been meaning to say so for days (since the 26th, in fact), but have come over all disorganised and fuzzy. More on that (the felicitations, not the fuzz) later. xoxox.

TimT said...

Did your eyebrow do the Highland Sword Dance?

nailpolishblues said...

I suspect her eyes were shooting daggers.

TimT said...

Hurling Dirks, perhaps.

Martin Kingsley said...

Poor Dirk, surely there is a more docile sport to participate in than the cruel and volatile hurling.

Anyway, you know we're only getting half the story. No doubt there was vengeful pitchcapping and defenestration aplenty. The world of Melbourne Academia is a dangerous one, indeed, for indiscreet undergraduate ragamuffins.

alexis said...

I keep well away from projectiles (soccer balls, dirks, tepanyaki, and the like).

Go to bed everyone. It's getting late.

trixie said...

what about:


rhymes with bzzzzzz and echoes the apparent sharpness of the eyebrow.

TimT said...

There's nothing wrong with eyebrow literature, by them such authors as Robert 'errick, O 'enry, and L. 'arlot.

And then there's the famous songs, 'Ye take the eyebrow and I'll take the lowbrow' and 'Ye banks and bonnie brows', as popularised by Robbie 'Eyelltakewhateverfeckinbrowiwantorillsconnerye' Burns.

wool spaniel said...

Doctor! Doctor!

I Miss you!

My son Mrs you! So do the rest of the family!