Monday, 12 January 2009

Water, now with added putridity!

My sister recently noticed a brand of bottled water touting itself as "Organic Water". It brought back fond memories of the great Sydney cryptosporidium saga of '98.


Anonymous said...

They don't call me Cistern Harlot for nothing!

M L Jassy said...

On the subject of undrinkable tap water, Thailand's citizenry received free water for six months under the previous government(s). You could do everything you wanted with it (spend it like water, for instance) except drink it.

TimT said...

- Waiter, waiter! There's some water in my soup!
- I'm sorry sir. We'll have it replaced immediately.

TimT said...

W C Fields once gave the following reason for his alcoholism: 'Never drink water! Fish f&k in that stuff!'

For all his fastidiousness, though, one wonders why he settled upon the title 'W.C.' - acronymically evocative as it is - to grace his presence on screen.