Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ow is the new Om

Is this the new hypochondria? I've torn the medial collateral ligament on my left knee (so says Dr Surliness Incarnate That'll Be $55), and, you will be rightly appalled to hear, I'm mildly chuffed. This is my first ever sporting injury - we're assuming here that tripping down the stairs at the gym constitutes "sport" - and I'm planning to wring from it every drop of athletic street cred that can be wrung from a sore knee by a bespectacled nerdypants inept in the ways of the gymnasium stairwell. Expect casual exposures of my beige support bandage, exaggerated winces, a steely grimace as I haul my withered limb onto streetcar 86.

To my abject horror, Dr Surliness Incarnate didn't prescribe a month of novel-reading and mangoes, but suggested I go back to the gymkhana and pedal my way to health and happiness. Bah.

In other medical news, I appear to be post-wart.


Maria said...

Dr Surliness Incarnate That'll?

That's Dr SIT.

And the Dr suggests you pedal your way to health?

On your bum and the mangoes and novels, I think the acronym says it all.

I've got meself out a large volume - large because a lot of it's pictures and it's hardcover, but mind you, that's not a bad way to spend one's time. Walter Moers' "Rumo and his Miraculous Adventures". Highly recommended writer for a bit of a chuckle. I've read all his others, sadly not in the original German.

Or perhaps you could combine his prefs and yours.

You could try pedalling and reading at the same time but unless you try an exercise bike rather than a weaving in and around traffic style one, then perhaps it won't be so good for the injuries.

Or pedal your way to the mango store, buy a box and then home to settle yourself in with that gem, "Mangoes and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance"

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Have you considered enrolling yourself into the medical sorority, Maria? Your blogside manner is excellent.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

P.S. Wild hearses couldn't get me to ride a proper bicycle at the moment. My whole leg would drop off as soon as I stopped pedaling in a straight line.