Thursday, 14 February 2008

Speaking of eugenics and beagles

There's so very much wrong with humans sticking their stickybeaks into the reproductive lives of dogs, but they do, and one of the incidental effects of regulating whom a pup-about-town shacks up with is that the floppy-eared are inheriting the earth. I only hope that when the beauty pageant ends, Mr Universe gets to take off his collar and catch flies with his bare teeth.


lucy tartan said...

I love it when you blog about beagles.

alexis said...

Aw, thanks. They're just so nice and whiskery.

TimT said...


Just a quick comment to link gratuitous beagle video, and then back to work!

alexis said...

Oh, beagle cam alert! I thought you typed "Beagle Camembert". Beagle video is never gratuitous. Merci beaucoup.

Old Cloots said...

Hey, that's my blog!!!

Thanks for the linky love, Tim!

I really popped over here from a link Tim gave me in an e-mail concerning asses and arses, and was surprised to see that Tim linked me.

Alexis, are you a beagle afficionado??

We have two.

alexis said...

I dunno about afficionadoing, but I'm dead keen on 'em. Lovely people, beagles. Velvety ears, convex bellies, waggy tails, advanced bed usurping skills, all-round excellence in gluttony.

Tim linked you here apropos bottoms? Hm.

Old Cloots said...

Beau and Molly just got described to a "T"!

I like your style, Alexis!