Friday, 15 February 2008

I have been too permissive by half

I have spent the morning slaving over a hot computer, doing my best to ignore the two flies who've taken up residence around my desk, but just now they had the temerity to mate, on my monitor, right in front of me, in broad daylight, without so much as an adults-only warning, or an excuse me, or a would-you-mind-averting-your-eyes-madam, or a sorry-for-vomiting-earlier-inside-your-teacup. Having been coitally interrupted by a wave of my hand, one of them is now sitting on my mouse pad looking at me and sticking out his or her proboscis in what I can only assume is an expression of disdain. Last week I caught a pair of small grey moths end-to-end on my curtain. I don't want to know where they're planning to lay all their eggs, but I am keeping everything tasty inside sealed containers.

Here, by the way, is a giant fly I met on the weekend, a far more decorous fly than either of the two who've been promenading on my 'puter today.


Martin Kingsley said...

Your pad has turned into a hall of debauchery, I see. Typical bleeding-heart free-love hippy types, lowering the high moral standards of the nation and corruptin' the youth. I shake my fist at yea, verily.

eyrie said...

You could always have a cat vomitting on the carpet.

(I wonder why the packaging amuses me so much).