Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Pshaw. Calls itself a dictionary.

"Sorry, hippogriff was not found in this dictionary."


TimT said...

Who needs a rhyming dictionary when you have blog commenters?

Andreas Schiff

I wonder if they recognise Manticores?

alexis said...

You make a good point, Sir Blogalot.

TimT said...

Thank you. For my next trick, I will think up several rhymes for the word-verification-thingies on this blog. First up:


Holy, moley, dolly, goalie, Canoli - see, nothing simpler!

PS - By the time I worked out those ones, the word verification changed to the much more difficult


I blogged too soon!

eyrie said...

It's shocking how little you get for free these days, isn't it?

Enquiring minds need to know:

Has the Womble piece become an epic poem, with mythological allusions, or are Wombles and Hypogriffs (alas!) never destined to meet?

eyrie said...

Um, hippogriffs. A hypogriff would be some sort of internet version, assembled from many links, no doubt. Or, possibly, just a very excited hippogriff, delighted to make the acquaintance of a womble.

alexis said...

Alas, no, Eyrie. The wombles have falled (I hope temporarily) by the wayside. Certainly they have no time for consorting with hieroglyphs. I like your thinking, though. Maybe I could do a whole anthology of transspecies womble encounters. Just as soon as other wee matters of a gainfully-employed nature are seen to.

TimT said...

A catalogue of womble encounters sounds like a fantastic idea, it could be like those medieval texts about demonology, or angelic encounters, or fairyland, or even those old maps with the 'here be dragons' notes. I think Borges compiled an encyclopaedia of mythical creatures, and then there's that Alberto Manguel Dictionary of Mythical Lands that I want to get hold of. In recent times, I've jumped on that boat and written a list of probably-non-existent European countries (though when there are countries with names like Trans-Mistria, I don't know why I bother.)

To reiterate: good idea, run with it!

eyrie said...

It would be an interesting variation on a bestiary: a sort of cross between a bestiary, an animal husbandry guide book and a recipe book. There would be a chart in the front so that the reader could quickly discover the likely result of each coupling- womble plus snail = ?. These are the questions which keep one up at night.
I'm sure you could get funding. The ARC would certainly not have seen the likes of it before!

TimT said...

Womble + snail. You mean a snamble? I saw one of those the other day. Add it to the list!

eyrie said...

Snomble or wail? Snombling wail or wailing snomble? There are the delicate matters upon which Alexis must be the final arbiter.

(Apologies for being a tad obnoxious, A, but, hell, it's fun!).