Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Ah, Melbourne! Where award-winning novelists lurk behind every ticket machine.

I bumped into Christos Tsiolkas on the 86 tram this evening. I expect I'll play a cameo in his next novel: gushing fan with bag of tomatoes on streetcar.


Maria said...

At least you recognised Christos Tsiolkas (I'm having a little trouble pronouncing it).

My embarrassment, unblogged til now, occurred last month, when I went for a law interview before Christmas. I answered an ad for an assistant to a barrister, not at all thinking I'd get it, and still not knowing whether I have, as the interviewer has gone overseas til next week. Unfortunately I didn't recognise Charles Waterstreet, my interviewer, or pick up on his references to 'interest' in the 'media' - not knowing he'd produced three movies, written a couple of books, and been highly profiled when sued by his ex-partner, an actor. Ho-hum.

I'll find out in a week or two whether this greatly affects my interview - or maybe they just weren't going to give the job to me anyway.

alexis said...

Charles Waterstreet? Never 'eard of 'im. But gosh golly wow, eh? Imagine underlegaling for a movie type. I don't know which direction I should cross my fingers in for you.

As for Christos T: I recognised him 'cause he done give a talk about being a writer at my spuni. I didn't have to pronounce the surname. I got as far as "Aren't you Christos ..." (this, after he'd asked me what zone we were in and whether I could shed any light on the uncooperativeness of the ticket machine), when he said "Yes", and I said, "I really like your books", and he said, "I don't care if I get done for not having the right ticket, you've made my day", and I think I said something gushy, and then he said, "What are you reading", and I said, "The History Wars", and then he went and sat down the other end of the tram.

Maria said...

Oh no? Well, you might o' seen him if you'd been paying attention - I did a google and found he was a friend o' Germaine Geer's and she invited him along for a look and a listen and he was sitting in the audience (front row) when you got your PhD!

They'll Never Take The Grr Out of Greer - Article

emmy said...

oh lexo only just got back to the Ballad of Reading Blogs and gosh how luvvy about christos. he is a dreamboat. e