Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Reign of Terrapin

Turtle in the moat at work!
Turtle in the moat at work!
Or possibly a tortoise.


Mr Mean said...

Just what was the turtle working on, one wonders?

TimT said...

I hope you took the creature into a lecture with you. Then the students would be able to say, 'A tortoise taught us.'


alexis said...

Ah. Hem. In. Deed.

To answer your question, Mr Mean, I believe he was employed as a research associate in the Aquatic Photon Impingement Augmentation Project (trying to get sun on his back).

TimT said...

Though you've probably heard that joke several times already. '

Actually, you have a moat at work? Is there a problem at La Trobe with Pictish marauders?

alexis said...

Not just a moat; also a ring road that strikes terror into the hearts of pedestrians (and ducks). My preferred explanation for this is that it was to hamper the mobility of the revolutionary student infantry back in the high old days of this institution's inception.

wool spaniel said...

Tim, if Alexis had taken the creature with her to class, at the end she could have preempted her students' wit by saying to them, 'A tortoise torture.'

Lexi, this is bringing to mind very fond memories of Silas Greenback the Wonder Tortoise, and indeed the various generations of shelled ones who would emerge happily from the fishpond's subaquatic slime each spring.

alexis said...

This was a similar sort of reptill, Woolly: an eastern snake-necked turtle, I think. Yeah, Silas Greenback was good. We had good times with those fellows.