Monday, 1 June 2009

Amazing rolly rolls and a boxy box.

Leonard was waiting for me this evening at the letterbox. She kept her feet tucked under her middle, and stretched her neck out towards me. "Do something about that itch there below my chin, would you?" she said. "A little to the left. Lower. Lower. No, higher. Purr."

As I had so satisfactorily attended to her chin, Leonard escorted me up the stairs to the lobby door, where I was to perform my useful door-opening function. But just as we reached that Fatal Portal, she remembered. My cats. I'm the one who imported the cats into her spare apartment. Those small ones, with the whiskers. Me. Them.

Leonard looked me in the eyes and hissed like hot iron. Then she scarpered back down the stairs with her hackles on.

While she has elected to spend the first night of Winter outside (outside, Leonard, where there are more cats than your wildest nightmares could possibly concoct, all roaring their terrible meows and lashing their terrible fluffy tails, and this when you could be lounging around my place contracting ringworm and snaffling stray Iams Kitten Growth Formula pellets), back in front of the heater, Harriet and Beatrice are in ecstasies of cardboard, many thanks to their inaugural correspondant, Genevieve the Tucker, who sent not only the superior toilet rolls which you see below

but also this multifunction cardboard box,

excellent for the sitting in, the chewing of, and the enabling of

acts of synchronised felinicity calculated to temporarily distract a human from the violations of corporeal sovereignty entailed in the application of fungicidal ointment to a person's ears.

The beasts of Harlot Heights say Thank you, Genevieve. You're tops.


Ampersand Duck said...

Ahh, good Genevieve understands that the simplest presents are the best things with small kidletty things. Cardboard boxes are so much fun. I used to drag home fridge boxes for my son, and they would take up most of his bedroom... but with a door cut into them, they were magical!

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Boxes are just excellent, and Genevieve is good Genevieve indeed. Harriet and Beatrice are rather partial to a large paper bag, if it comes their way, too.

JahTeh said...

My vet told me once that cats were more likely to catch ringworm from humans than the other way round but it's wise to keep Leonard at a distance.
My cats ignored such peasanty things as cardboard rolls but waited until the Christmas ornament season arrived.

My last cat was a tennis ball retriever and one is still under the couch. I leave it there in his honour.

sexy said...


genevieve said...

I can't believe I missed this post. I must be feedreader-blind.

So glad they had fun times. We had a good laugh collecting!!

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