Monday, 2 February 2009


Dear Unternit,

I forgot to mention that I was slupping off to New Zealand. Well, I was. And now I'm here, slupped off. The internet costs $37.50 per minute, plus my firstborn, so I'll withhold details, except to say that I'm in Dunedin, it's cold (HURRAY!), and yesterday I bumped into some seals scratching their whiskers on the beach. Photos will ensue, but prolly not til next weekend, when I'll be back in the land of the world wide webble.




Anonymous said...

Being a wordsmith and all, you will undoubtedly appreciate knowing that Dunedin is derived from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, Dun Eideann (sorry, missed some accents off that - don't know how to type them).

I expect you will encounter some Scottish influences there.

Anonymous said...

oh Lixi i'm thet jilous. Sudnea is gittin pritty swutty whuch hes me n a virry bed timper! Bist, Imma. X

Ampersand Duck said...


Dunedin was where I was going to move if Howard won last year. I love that town. And its albatrosses. Pat one for me, but be careful not to kill any.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Sooo many Scottish influences, Anon. The lead news item was about a 22-year-old busking bagpiper who'd been asked to move along after noise complaints from shopkeepers. The Otago Times was indignant.

I understand about the jealouses, you folks. Am a bit sad to be back. Mebbe if you move to Dunedin, Duck, I could come too. Don't think the employment prospects are spectacular, but that aside it's the loveliest city I've ever met.