Monday, 14 April 2008

Empty vessel, filled with purpose

Yea verily, though my cup of meaningfulness hath lately gone all droughty (meaning displaced in gallons by my clinically certified wallpaper-and-pink-toilet preoccupation), now it runneth o'er. This, because I, good comrades all, have been appointed Recruitment Officer for Melbourne's premier pro-frog community choir. You heard me. Recruitment Officer. For Melbourne's premier pro-frog community choir. If that's not going on the ol' CV under "Meaningful Extra-Curricular Executive Appointments", then I'll eat my tam o'shanter. The mauve one.

I mention this, not to boast, oh no, no, no, but because if any of youse fancies spreadin' the noos about compost making, justice for all, and being green (green bean) in song, me for to contakt please. The Green Singers rehearse on Monday nights in Northcote, quite near the fancy-schmancy baked potato shop.

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