Friday, 25 April 2008

Amorous ferns



eyrie said...

This has nothing to do with ferns, but public service announcement for the benefit of your Sydney readers (in exchange for the information about the local valrhona distributor): The UNSW book fair is on in the roundhouse this weekend. I think it's open until 2pm today and that Sunday is the cheap day. It can sometimes be the best of the Sydney book fairs, although it has gone down a bit from when it was biannual. I certainly had a magnificent haul yesterday evening.

eyrie said...

Pardon me, it's until 7pm today and 2pm tomorrow (Sunday).

(It was like an Eagleton clearing house in there, Alexis).

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I hope this 'nouncement was suitably appreciated by those in a position to appreciate it: the monied, the Sydneyed, the literate. On their behalf - thank you!

I should open a classifieds column.

eyrie said...

One need not be monied to buy Criticism and Ideology for 50 cents, dinner be damned!

Apologies for coming over like a classified column, but I had that pearly flush I get when I've just acquired cheap secondhand books and I felt I should spread the joy, as some sort of recompense to the universe for granting me the joy. It's a good thing I was nowhere near a computer after I went to Hay-on-Wye!

TimT said...

Non-sentient Pteridophyta seeks another non-sentient Pteridophyta for the purposes of establishing a long and loving relationship and/or sporing. Gender not important. We may lack rudimentary brains, free will, or ability to make intelligent decisions of our own, but that doesn't mean we can't come to a romantic agreement. Come on, lover - you chlorophyll up my life, and I'll chlorophyll up yours. But while I might be a Polypodiophyta, I'm not into polygamy!

And remember: as the Poet once said: "Absence maketh the heart grow frondler."

RSVP by Friday at bracken - at -

eyrie said...

The future of Alexis' blog, no doubt.

(Deeply shocked that Tim resisted the infinite array of creative possibilities offered by amorous ferns so long).

Maria said...

I'm feeling that feeling you feel when you missed out on on the opportunity to browse some great 50c literature.

And Mr Coffee and I were saying to each other Sunday "What should we do?"

TimT said...

I'm sorry I've been so lax in my commenting. I was attempting to grow a cyclamen, but then found out I grew a cyberman by mistake. You've no idea how much trouble that turned out to be...

eyrie said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Maria. It is indeed distressing to miss out on cheap books, but you can still go to the Syd Uni one.

eyrie said...

Without your poems, Tim, I've been quite bereft of amusement and have been hitting the Thomas Hardy hard (to complement my gloom. I am almost gloomy enough for a round of Jude the Obscure). Really, I should have picked up Ogden Nash for $1.

TimT said...

I love
To nosh
On Nash,
But dine
On Hardy -

eyrie said...

Thank you. Just the trick, as always.

TimT said...

But - what the?

eyrie said...

But I would say "hardily and heartily" for Hardy, always.

eyrie said...

Is this the cyberman speaking and is its engine a punning engine?

A Canadian girl I met last week told me that she has "pun offs" with her friends. I suppose it keeps them warm.

TimT said...

Probably more a way of avoiding work.

I'm very pro-crastination today. Never been more pro at anything in my life.

On that note -

He's Thackeray!
He's Hemingway!
But Shakespeare?
He Hathaway!

eyrie said...

That last one was certainly a very professional bit of crastinating.

(You should see my copy of *Catherine*. It didn't exactly cost 50 cents, but gosh it's nice to hold).

TimT said...

Just one more, on why literature is superior to philosophy:

But Immanuel -

And that's quite enough out of me.

eyrie said...

Cant, on the other hand, can purport to do anything, as one learns all too quickly. Cant is the secret handshake one resorts to when one can't be honest about the fact that one can't.

(Whereas Kant makes a virtue of "can't". At least, I think so).