Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Oh, girls just want to have fungi

No thyme to blog because of mad panicked dash towards essay-writing finish-line, except to say:

1. I read today that in the late nineteenth century, a majority of surveyed folks reported dreaming in colour. In the mid-twentieth century, a majority reported dreaming in black-and-white. I happen to think this is a very impressive statistic.

2. I think Harriet and Beatrice might have ringworm. Excellent. Also, whenever anyone says the words "headlice" or "fleas" or, you know, "fungal infection savaging its way across your kittens' ears", I get incredibly itchy. All over.

Feel free to decline my invitation to afternoon tea. I'll understand.


TimT said...

I recommend moving amongst mushrooms. They're a wholly better class of fungi.

Jayne said...

Vinegar of The White variety and topical dressings sans the salad for pusskins ;)

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Vinegar sounds so much nicer than all the acids I've been reading about on the nettery. Poor wee kittens. I've been poisoning them monthly on all-wormer, and now this. Hafta find a moment to take them to the vet and just confirm this is indeed ringworm, and then I'll be burning the house down in a blaze of bleach, as per recommendations in Deuteronomy.