Monday, 16 March 2009

Grapefruit, so called because it has all the energy content of a single grape

I had a grapefruit for breakfast today. A grapefruit. Apparently this is the kind of thing people have for breakfast. You know, healthy people in women's magazines, with cleansed livers. Also, my father, every day for a week, several years ago. Grapefruit had the advantage over toast, in that you didn't have to share it with the dog.

It is now two hours since "breakfast", and my stomach is imploding. If the students don't bring biscuits to our Rousseau seminar, I'm going to have to start drawing on my fat reserves, which could have untold effects on my gallant posterior. Anyone with carbohydrates to spare, I'm in room 507.


genevieve said...

There is certainly something potent in it - my daughter is on an anticonvulsant whose action is severely compromised by said fruit.
I like the pink juice mixed with LOTS of sugar and mineral water in those dinky little bottles, though.
Go mushies and eggs for breakfast.

Jayne said...

Those things are only good as a brekkie entree with buckets of sugar dumped on top.
Bacon, eggs, mushies, tomatoes and a lightly fried banana on toast, with lashings of tomato sauce.
I've expect mine at 7:15am sharp tomorrow...ok? :P

Martin Kingsley said...


I can verify that cyclosporin, the immuno-suppressant, is not a fan of grapefruit, having access to a chap who has kidneys other than his own to thank for being up and walking around in the sunshine.

JahTeh said...

I developed an allergy to grapefruit which can be because of stress. It's unfortunate because I have a grapefruit tree that seems to be loaded with green fruit. If you can wait until winter, I'll send a basket.

bernhilde said...

I have carbohydrates! I was pottering in my garden yesterday morning and came across a rogue plant. 'That looks like a weed', I said to myself. 'I'm going to pull it out.' I started pulling and was surprised to find that this 'weed' had a very strong root system. Strong, Lexi, because the plant was tethered to A POTATO THAT HAD GROWN FROM MY MUM'S COMPOST SOIL!! I have a good mind to stop reading Clarissa and deliver the best of all hash browns to you in room 507. Whaddaya say?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Fortunately I've reverted to muesli. It's very amuesli.

Zoe said...

It reminds me of the 1970s fad Israeli Army Diet which was so effective it made even my Mum want to go out and kill Arabs.