Monday, 6 April 2009

J'appelle un chat un chat

I know, I know, I know. You've all been eagerly awaiting news on the Progress of Kittenkind. I've been detained, I'm afraid. It's not easy writing a lecture on existential malaise while this is going on beside you:

Speaking of licking, it turns out that water from one's waterbowl is never as sweet as water from people's glasses, from the edges of the shower recess, rasped off one's freshly showered person's shin, etc. It's only a matter of torso length before they're able to dangle by one toe off the rim of the loo and lap up delicious eau de toilet.

Other wisdom: lumps of fresh animal carcass are best carried off to a secret place for immediate and private consumption. Dry biscuity business, meanwhile, can be safely left in one's bowl and/or strewn across the kitchen floor for up to 12 hours.

Beatrice is not as good at Harriet at burying her poo. Harriet must help. This is possibly because Beatrice's mind is on loftier matters.

St Beatrice of Preston, seeing the light.

Harriet is bored by theology. On the other hand, she did put tooth-holes in the corner of Sigmund Freud's analysis of Dora, which for my money constitutes a serious critical engagement with the origins of psychoanalysis.

Beatrice has a mouse. Such are the riches of prayer and contemplation.

If these handsome beasts aren't destined to star in a Rolex advertisement, I will eat my camera.


Jayne said...

The world needs more Kitteh ;)

eyrie said...

I feel it to be my duty, as secretary of the Crazy Cat Ladies Guild, to inform you that both the quantity and quality of photographs you are publishing would seem to indicate you have now crossed over to the other side.

But aren't their emotions just so pure and undiluted?

emmy said...

because you are funny i am laughing lexi. ta. xx e

Ampersand Duck said...

See? I bet your readership has doubled. Thank you, for both a kitty post and your company on the weekend.

Martin Kingsley said...

I have nothing to say.

Except for.



Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Thank you, Jayne. That is just the affirmation I need.

I'm not sure what side I was on before, Eyrie, but yes. Am taking them north to meet Wilbur on the weekend, and I think my love might explode - the world's best puppy-dog meeting the kittens of loveliness.

YOU'RE calling ME funny, Emski? This I will treasure til my deading day.

So very nice to see you on the weekend, Duck. There should be more of it. You're rad.

That graph speaks scientific troof, MK. Thank you.