Sunday, 19 October 2008

Yes, I admit I'm a narcissist and, yes, I do have essays to mark

This lady has my name; like, totally, my name. Time was when prospective stalkers could google me and learn that I am a petrochemical engineer and nursing mother from Brooklyn. Now they'll find I'm the world's foremost authority on The Lion King and one of Ohio's sassiest ex-cheerleaders. I can only conclude that this will enlarge my career prospects.


Anonymous said...

Welcome tomy world. The world of the people with very common names.

TimT said...

Inspired by this, I have just tried to sign everyone with my name on as Facebook friends. Their duties will include: mutually supportive narcicissm.

That's about all, really.

Antenex said...

Your narcissism seems to have brought out the narcissist in all of your readers. Unfortunately, nothing has come of any of my searches, through all the search engines (that I could think of, at any rate). I am the only one of myself. Maybe that makes me ultimate narcissist?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

It's poor old Narcissus I worry about. He googles his name and finds he's sharing it with a daffodil. Of all the insults ...

TimT said...

As Narcissus' mother always said to him, 'Narcissus', she said, 'IT'S GOOD TO SHARE.' But the kid would never listen, and now look what's happened to him.

Speaking of daffodils:
"Hi ya, Daff!"
"What did you say?"
"Hi ya, Daff!"
"Oh! Hi ya, Dill!"

- Jean Merril, The Pushcart War.

Lefty E said...

Whose been auto-googling then?

(..hey, we all do it, its ok.)

Lefty E said...

Incidentally, what do you call someone with the same name? Your Homonym? (or is that just when it sounds the same?).

Anyway, one of mine is a weirdass Catholic author of erm, Catholic- themed books. Its an annoying feature of my narcisstic citation searches.